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14 December 2009 @ 03:28 am
Donna Troy Application  
NAME: Tootsie
AGE: 22
JOURNAL: femocracy
IM: teegoaway @ AIM
E-MAIL: lipsticktheatrics@gmail.com
RETURNING: Returning!

Princess Iolande:: itwontbuzz :: Green Lantern Corps|| DC Universe

CHARACTER NAME: Donna Troy, former original Wonder Girl
FANDOM: DC Comics || New Teen Titans
CHRONOLOGY: The New Teen Titans, Volume2, Issues #20-22
CLASS: Hero!
ALTER EGO: Donna Troy, photojournalist/freelance work.


As of post-crisis, Donna Troy has two origins. I'll be focusing more on her background and actual development throughout her appearances throughout each comic, but I have to get this out of the way, first. Forgive me.

Pre-crisis, Donna Troy was born on Earth. Her earliest memories were of a burning orphanage, bodies smelling and laying around her. She assumed them to be her parents, but little to her knowledge, they had actually been a couple that was involved in an illegal operation of selling children and serving as a proxy. Rheah, the Titan of Myth (though on another Earth, it had been Hippolyta), saved a young Donna Troy from the fire, and dropped her off on the Amazon Island of Themiscyra, with only vague memories of a doll she once had, and the fire she had been through. Here, she was taken by Hippolyta, where she had been raised in the ways of the Amazons, looking up to her older sister -- Diana of Themiscyra, also known as Wonder Woman. Eventually, Donna follows Diana to the Patriarch's world at the age of thirteen, and forms the original Teen Titans with Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, and Wally West. As it turns out, she originally was a seed planted on Earth from the Titans of Myth, and so is essentially a demi-goddess that is culturally trained as an Amazon.

Post-crisis and post zero hour, Donna's origin had been revamped as her being a magical clone created from a mystical mirror of Diana of Themiscyra. In a plot against Hippolyta and a case of mistaken identity, Donna was kidnapped instead of Diana as a form of revenge against her Mother, and cursed to live a thousand lives of misery. Seeing as how this is absurd, most writers from DC have ignored it as of recent -- Teen Titans: Year One retconned it away, and recent Titans issues have also pretended it didn't exist. So I will, too.

The Wonder Years: Age Thirteen to Seventeen

Having been raised in the ways of the Amazons, a young Donna Troy took up the mantle of "Wonder Girl" to emulate her (adoptive) older sister, who had often been away with her own missions, and found herself at home in the Patriarch's World. Having been cut off from popular culture and, more importantly, boys for quite a while, she succumbed immediately to fads and fashion, and seemed to crush on any cute boy who glanced her way. Often flighty but always quick to take action, Donna Troy served as the secondary leader to Dick Grayson, the original Robin, for the Teen Titans. She formed a close bond with Wally West, who carried a puppy crush on her, and Roy Harper, of whom she shared a mutual crush with, and a doting friendship with Garth, known as Aqualad. Though she was close to every member, she became exceptionally close to Dick Grayson, who went on not only to become her best friend, but her brother figure and one of the only confidantes she ever had. With a big heart and a bubbly and excitable personality, Donna became the official team's sweetheart, but entered a youthful relationship with Roy Harper, then known as Speedy, at a young age.

The team of the Teen Titans often fought silly and juvenile villains, and the bigger guys were left to the Justice League and their mentors. As they aged, they were seen as a bigger threat while their skills began to develop, and they began to fight more dangerous villains. Donna's bonds strengthened with each of the boys, and she found herself engaged in becoming a supportive figure to them all. Becoming the shoulder to lean on for the legion of emotionally inept boys around her was the foundation for her future role in just about everyone's life that she crossed, and it was a fulfilling, albeit exhausting one, for Donna.

Throughout the years, she gained a friend in Lilith, and made friends with both Hawk and Dove. Many Titans came and went, some ended up six feet under, and Donna grew along the boys that she loved, just as she had spent her youth along the girls she had loved.

Once she hit seventeen, Donna went to California with her roommate, Sharon. There, she majored in art history, and sped through her degree. This was when she had to turn down Wally's confession of his feelings for her, and also had to break things off with Roy, who had been going through a hard time, himself. Though still quite a flirt, Donna had become to mature at this point, as the Patriarch's world was not as shiny and new to her, so she had been less excitable and susceptible to popular trends. It was around this time she began thinking of an adult life, and began yearning for answers concerning where she came from. She had learned the importance of a "family that you choose" with the Titans, and at a young age she started dreaming of building a family of her own.

Highs and Lows: Age Nineteen to Twenty Two

Upon returning back to New York, Donna reunited with the Teen Titans, rekindling her old friendships with each member. This time, Garth was only a part time member, as was Roy, who was busy picking up the pieces of his life. Meanwhile, Wally, Donna and Dick were working hard together to forge their own identities outside of their mentors, and made some friends and new teammates along the way. Vic Stone, a cyborg man who had been subjected to experiments, joined their team, along with Gar Logan, then known as Changeling. The Titans were also joined by a powerful and mystical empath named Raven, and the Tamaran Alien Princess, Koriand'r -- known as Starfire. Donna Troy's charisma had blossomed and matured into less of a bubbly social butterfly sense, and more of a graceful understanding of people and their nature. As Wonder Girl, she began to find herself growing even closer to Dick Grayson as they both hit adulthood, and became immediate friends with Koriand'r. As she had started a career as a professional photographer, she helped Koriand'r set up her human alias as "Kory Anders" -- a model, and got to work with making her famous, and fast.

The two girls had become inseparable, and Donna took on the role of the den Mother of the team. Donna continued her college education in New York, while juggling being a superheroine and a good friend to all of her teammates. It didn't take long for the young woman to be struck with cupid's arrow for a professor that taught at her university. Ten years her senior, Terry Long was a recent divorcee and couldn't say no to a girl like Donna. They came together quickly and he met her entire team, while she met his daughter and his ex-wife. The two were doting and very loving toward one another, even though he struggled to feel satisfied with the small amounts of time he sometimes got with her, due to her superheroing all over the place and whatnot. After only a couple of months of dating, Terry decided to propose to Donna. She happily accepted, and asked Dick Grayson to give her away in the place of a Father she never had. Between this time, Terra (/Tara) had joined the Titans as a spy for Deathstroke, and eventually betrayed them all before killing herself.

Dick happily obliged to being the one to give Donna away at her wedding, but the young detective also wanted to help Donna figure out who she was before her wedding. Together, Dick and Donna followed leads and connections to find out about her original adoptive Mother, who was terminally ill with cancer after birthing Donna, and could not afford to keep her in her life. Donna was then passed on to another family, but the Father of said family died, and the Mother was also left financially unable to support another child. Donna visited her biological Mother's grave with Dick, proudly proclaiming that now that she knew what her original family had been, she could begin her own.

She was married to Terry Long without many problems, and enjoyed newlywed bliss with him as much as she could, while also helping her teammates fight off many threats. The team went through a few changes after this, with Koriand'r entering an arranged marriage, Dick entering a depression, Vic and Gar trying to find out who killed Kole, and Raven being kidnapped with her Mother. Wally West, Roy Harper, Hank Hall (Hawk, whose brother had just died), and Jason Todd all became members of Donna's team as she led it with Dick gone. The stress affected Donna quite negatively, and Terry's irresponsible ways led to him losing his job at the University, which he blamed Donna for. The lack of stability in their life due to her superheroics and her public identity was becoming too much, but the couple loved each other, and decided to try and work things out. . Soon, she became pregnant with her son. Not long after giving birth to Robert Long, chaos entered the lives of the couple once more, where a team of Titans from the future had been sent to kill her child to ensure he did not become an evil dictator in the future, which he apparently was destined to become. In order to prevent this future, and save not only her team but her marriage, Donna Troy requested from the Titans of Myth that her powers be taken away.

Thinking that retiring from being a superhero would allow her to live a normal life with her family, Donna settled down in upstate New York with Terry and Robert, supporting them with her career while Terry worked on futile efforts at a novel. Unfortunately, Donna learned that even after retiring, she was still a target, as her house was destroyed and her family was once again attacked by former enemies. This became the last straw for Terry, and he not only filed for divorce against Donna, but sued her for custody of their child, since he felt she endangered him.

Donna didn't take this well at all. She soon asked the Titans of Myth to return her powers to her, but they refused. Not content with feeling useless, she joined the Darkstars with John Stewart (... a useless team), and rejoined the Titans, working under Roy Harper's lead as a veteran. It was here that she met the new Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, who had been a rookie with a lot on his plate. New to super heroics, new to New York, but with quite an irresponsible streak, he hadn't exactly rubbed Donna the right way in their first few meetings. He was often late to training, and she felt he was too inexperienced. After she agreed to help him move into his apartment, Donna revealed her identity as the former Wonder Girl to him, and let Kyle confide in her. The two became fast friends, and she began to mentor him in self defense and hand to hand combat. Even though she had been going through an ugly custody battle over Robert and was often stressed out, she found herself falling for the new Green Lantern, and ended up entering a relationship with him. The two often worked well together, but much of their alone time was constantly interrupted. Problems arose when Kyle began to feel too insecure about the difference between his and Donna's maturity levels, and Donna felt jealous and mistrusting of investing in a serious relationship with him. The two broke up after a blow up over Kyle sketching a nude model in his apartment, but eventually made their way back to each other. Donna went back to being retired and powerless, and the two resumed their relationship on a much more serious level. Donna let Kyle meet her son and babysit him, while Kyle took Donna to meet his Mother. During their stay with his Mother, Donna received news that Terry, her former stepdaughter, and her son had all been killed in a car accident. The grieving and survivor's guilt that struck Donna caused her to withdraw from her blossoming relationship with Kyle and break things off.

Soon after, her older sister, Diana, had died briefly (but was promptly resurrected). This made Donna start to fear for anyone who got close to her.

Memories and Identity: Tabula Rasa

Directly after these events, Donna fought an old enemy of her Mother's, which had turned out to be an alternate version of herself that escaped another world back from the original Crisis, and had a curse put on her that had wiped her memories, her identity, and others memories of her from existence. With the help of Diana's lasso and Wally West's memories (as these two were the only ones unaffected by the curse), Donna Troy had been reconstructed -- but only as Wally West's version of her.

Though she was grateful to be alive again, as soon as she rejoined the Titans she began to feel insecure. She noticed she hardly had any private or intimate memories, and what she did have had little context to them. She couldn't remember much of her relationship with Kyle and decidedly began to resent Wally and feel vulnerable around him, thinking she was not a real person, and just an idealized fantasy of herself come to life by a man who once crushed on her. She began to date Roy Harper again in order to prove, because of his bad reputation, that she was not just a perfect and idealized mother figure, and that she could do impulsive things too. It was more of a test of her will, than anything, and although she loved Roy, the affair was short lived as she admitted her motives for being with him.

Death and Rebirth

It was during this time that she mentored Cassandra Sandsmark and began to forge a stronger relationship with her sister, Diana. After almost a year being reunited with the Titans, and making new friends such as Jesse Quick and Argent, Donna Troy was killed by a rogue superman android, along with her old childhood friend, Lilith. While Donna had remained dead for nearly two years, she was living with the Titans of Myth. She'd had her memory fogged up and had false memories replaced instead, of being the wife of her former Father figure, Coeus, and she replaced the deceased Phoebe as Goddess of the Moon. She was in a relationship with Coeus, and had been used as a pawn to wipe out natives and conquer people in war. The Outsiders and former Titans had found out about her location, and embarked on a mission to save her. Once she came to, she had been hit with regret and disgust at what she had done, and how easily she had been manipulated.

As soon as Donna Troy returned, she had a mission shoved into her hands -- a rather unclear one. There was a threat coming to the multiverse, and she needed to gather as many people as she could to stop it. While she did gather a team in space, it ended up costing the life of Kyle Rayner's now ex-girlfriend, Jennifer -Lynn-Hayden, the daughter of Alan Scott. The mission failed, and Donna then was informed that it was her that had been supposed to die instead of Jennie. She ended up joining Jason Todd and Kyle Rayner in a multiverse hopping quest to find Ray Palmer that ultimately also turned out with zero results, and a frustrated Donna Troy ended up returning to the Titans. She wanted to be with her family again, trying to slow her life down and cope with everything she'd gone through, now that she had all of her memories of her former life back.

The Titans, however, had all ended up going in different directions, and none were really getting along. Though she has been rekindling her friendship with Koriand'r, Donna has shown recently to feel stressed out and quite lonely, without a shoulder to help share the burden. The events of Blackest Night had her face the animated corpses of her child, Robert Long, and her ex-husband, Terry Long. How all of this will affect her in the end has yet to be seen, as she's now a brainless zombie due to her zombie baby biting her neck. Awesome.



At first glance, one might not think there is much to Donna Troy beyond being pretty and nice. A Pollyanna smile matched with big blue eyes and curly raven locks, she's the perpetual den Mother to all, sister figure to many, and friend to everyone. This image is usually the one she tries to keep up, because there's quite a confused mess beneath it all.

Much more susceptible to the entrapping of the Patriarch World, Donna Troy is a woman with aesthetic tastes, and what would traditionally be defined as feminine interests, despite being an Amazon that enjoys wrestling and sweating. She is a physical force, through and through, and has always been very forward and congenial. Often quick to make friends, Donna shows she's dependable by doing small favors for nearly everyone here and there, and taking great joy in playing hostess, cooking and picking up after those she cares for. This isn't to say she does it all with a smile -- Donna will show her displeasure with too much laziness, and will prod and poke people into responsibility when she feels they are not doing their share.

Her temperament is a major thing that sets her apart from her sister, Diana/Wonder Woman. Donna has always had more of a flair, more insecurities, more quick to be slighted or irritated about something or someone. She isn't often aware of her own strength, and she's gotten carried away as she's quite confrontational when she's feeling enraged. She's thrown a forklift at criminals before to take out her own personal issues on them. She's thrown Dick Grayson, her best friend, through a wall. She's destroyed parts of his house in anger, before. She ended up almost fatally wounding Hawk in anger. She's lost it and said impulsive things, and has shown she's not only far from perfect, but she's deathly afraid of people finding this out about her. Donna does try hard to keep up an image of the indomitable maternal spirit, always up and ready to lend a helping hand, and never needing anyone to do the same. She has shown many times before that she's afraid no one will stick around once they see all of her flaws.

Having lived her youth in two worlds, Donna has the aggressive spirit of an Amazon with the feminine wiles of an excitable young woman. She has a strongly romantic personality, which ties in to her love of all things artistic, particularly photography. Her career brings her great joy, and she has a higher education which shows with her eclectic and cultured tastes in music, fashion, design and art. Though she's knowledgeable and intelligent, it's not to an intimidating genius level, and she's accessible and able to relate with almost anyone. She has no particular pattern in who she befriends, as she's extended not only a hand but her trust and care in the likes of Jason Todd and the villain, Angle Man. She not only possesses a fierce loyalty, but will show those she cares about that although they may anger her or upset her or annoy her, they help complete her and there is nothing she would not do for them.

Though she exhibits great resilience and an ability to handle grief and tragedy with stride, Donna gets easily distracted and stressed out, often needing time to herself. If something's on her mind, it's usually apparent. She often works to the point of tiring herself out, and isn't very good at taking her own advice. Having grown up quite fast, she's a loving and exuberant personality that still does not know how to fully let go, and might be a little out of touch with certain things that people her age should know about. She didn't even know who Nine Inch Nails and Greenday were in the nineties, after all.

Being both passionate and assertive, one wouldn't expect the kind of uncertainty and almost shy modesty that Donna sometimes has, particularly now that she's trying to rebuild her life. She's guarded, but will try her best to not take out her issues on others, with few slip ups and exceptions. When she does, it's obvious something is wrong with her, as that behavior is out of the ordinary for the former Wonder Girl. Fiery and protective, yet tame, nurturing and subdued when she is feeling loved, this woman feels her highs and lows quite strongly, but always tries to remain a voice of reason.

Donna involves herself in charity work, as we've seen her donating to shelters and feeding the homeless in quite a few strips. Like her sister, she has a great capacity for love and compassion, particularly for those who are underprivileged and disenfranchised. Focusing on such things, outside of altruistic purposes, also helps her take her mind off of her own problems. Donna is struggling to rebuild a sense of who she is, and an identity, while also wanting to be close with others and let love into her life again. It's a difficult task, though, when you aren't sure what you want anymore.

Though emotionally tied to many, she has the conviction and strength of heart to step up and take leadership responsibilities whenever it calls for, and to do tough and dirty jobs in order to take the burden off of others on her team or in her circle of friends. She is a woman with many families, and has the place as the loving Mother in almost all. Donna's fortitude and remarkable ability to pull through the toughest trials with her sanity intact sets her apart from many characters in the DCU, who fall apart and suffer severe psychological damage when losing those who mean something to them, or when being manipulated into committing evil acts. She pulls it together no matter what, and pretty much has the greatest circle of friends you could ask for. Donna knows she's blessed, and although she's prone to thinking she's a bit cursed and bound to hurt those close to her, she is incredibly grateful for what she does have, while mourning what she's lost.

What is/are your character’s superpower(s)? Flight, Super durability, Super Strength, an unbreakable lasso, the ability to pull out and project memories with her lasso.


[The video feed shows a rather tired looking young woman, faint traces of smudged makeup around her eyes, as she runs a hand through her hair in a stressed manner]

Look, I saw the reports on WUBS cable. I heard the statement from TASS, and ... I guess, as the current leader of the Titans, I should be trying to convince you that this was all a mistake. Our team was not acting as unofficial security. Trust me, the last thing we need is more tension between the US and the Soviets. We might be affiliated with the US, but we're in no way trying to take part in this unsanctioned participation.

This is all a big misunderstanding. The woman we were dealing with is a terrorist that we have a history with -- it was not an act against the Soviet Union, it was not meant to halt the Swiss Peace talks, and our actions in Zermatt never meant to take a violent turn. [Sighs, running her hand down her face now, letting it rest on her chin as she sits in silence for a moment]

I take full responsibility for what happened. If being taken to this place was ... somehow punishment, then I'm willing to pay my dues. The Titans were only acting on my orders, and this was not an approved American intervention.

I-- I just want to get home eventually, you know? Please?


Outside, the warm breeze of San Francisco is wailing loudly. Inside, the Ground Floor of Titans Tower is quiet, and Donna Troy's footsteps are even quieter. When she enters the Memorial Hall, there is an uncomfortable chill that greets her skin, and her eyes behold years of heroism, decades of bravery, and a lifetime of failing others.

"There seems to be more of you guys every year..."

The Amazon's voice does not waver, though her heart is weighted. It feels very much like it wants to drop to its knees, as the strong and strident steps she takes lie to the world, lie to all of the marbled deceased faces, and cover up just how weak they truly are. The faces of her fallen comrades seem to look at her, accusingly, Why you? Why not me? Why couldn't you I come back?

"I'm so sorry, everyone." Her smile is nervous, as if she is wrought with stage fright, and she wills her hand to stay strong as the pads of her fingers trace the name of Hank Hall. Hawk. Her eyelids tighten to hug any wetness away, and there is no fighting the apologetic smile that appears on her face. She glances up at the tall, proud statue of the man, and her gaze follows to the gentle and nonthreatening statue of his brother, Don. She thinks about the banter she and Hank used to have -- how kind he was to her when they first met, and how fiery their conversations had eventually become. How much anger had filled his heart after the death of his brother.

Was it ever tiring? She thinks, not so much to herself, but questioning him. Donna Troy had practically shut down after the death of Terry and Robert Long. She simply had no room for anger, for joy, for love. It all washed away, and the only thing she could focus on had been taking her next breath, had been wanting to live and feeling like there was a reason she was not in the ground with her baby. That anger that encompassed Hank -- it had turned him into someone unrecognizable. There was that inevitable guilt that sunk in to the core of Donna's abdomen, the moment she thought of her last real interactions with this man. With this old friend of hers. They were ridden with conflict, with anger -- she'd lashed out at him, she had been annoyed at him. I hurt him, she thought, shaking her head shamefully. I never even tried to reach out.

She presses her lips against her fingers, pursing them, and then carries a kiss over to rest on Hank's name. She then repeats this motion, this time for Don.

Her hands seem lost in the locks of her hair, as she brushes them over her shoulder and allows them to linger safely within its dark strands. There is a part of her that wants to hide behind that hair as much as she can, she thinks, as she walks past a few more statues. Pantha. Kole. Terra.

There is a pause in Donna's step, before she turns her body and meets the eyes of her childhood friend, Lilith. Lilith, the first girl to keep her company on that team of rowdy boys. Lilith, the first girl she shared the experience of not knowing with. The fact that a psychic hadn't understood exactly where she came from, either, had brought a young Donna Troy comfort.

She was just as beautiful as ever. It was impossible to deny, a part of Donna had always envied her gorgeous red locks, those flaring green eyes. She had missed their sleepovers, when they'd kiss each others foreheads and hold each other as they cried. A part of her had known she'd replaced Lilith by the time the girl had died, with a much less turbulent and more gentle friendship in the alien Koriand'r. They had been warriors together, while Donna and Lilith had been young and wide-eyed girls together. When they grew into women, there had been that inevitable growing apart, too.

Why did that happen? Donna wonders, and her heart tells her it is because she let it happen. Her throat tightens, and she lets darkness cloak her eyes as her cheeks become wet with her guilt. She approaches Lillith's statue, resting a hand on its foot, leaning over to press the side of her face against it. Gentle and yearning. For forgiveness, for closure, for release.

What had she done? Could she have helped out Jason a bit more before his untimely death, and ultimately his terrible trauma? Could she have acted sooner and saved Lilith? Could she have reached out to Garth after the death of her family, having now been able to relate to him, and helped him from isolating himself? And what of Gar? How often did she act like he was nothing but an annoyance ... what if he were to die tomorrow? Would he even know she cared?

These people deserved better. Koriand'r deserved better to have Donna be too tired and exhausted to help her out with her emotional problems. Dick was in Gotham -- did Donna contact him enough these days? What of Cassandra, and the pain of growing up that she had been through? Had Donna been there for her in her most crucial moments, or was she more caught up in her own self? Did Roy know how much she really loved him and Lian? There had been so much fighting between she and the redhead lately, how was he really taking it? When was the last time she even asked Vic about his life?

What of the people who had served as an emotional punching bag in her life?

Donna's legs became weaker, and she allowed herself to rest on the cold floor of the room. She thought of Kyle. Did she even know exactly where he was? What he was doing with his life? How he even was after losing his Mother and his former lover? Did she really need to allow him to go through that alone, just so she could sever and protect her own feelings around him?

Donna stares down at the tile, rattled with survivor's guilt and a lifetime of regrets.

A lifetime.

There's something she has that these people never got to fully experience. So far, she's been allowed a long life compared to the other Titans. She's been allowed a second chance. She has a lifetime to honour their memory, a lifetime to pay attention to the living, a lifetime to be attentive to the relationships she hasn't lost.

She wipes at her eyes, thinking of the strength of her sister. The strength of Dick. The strength of Koriand'r, of Kyle, of all of the people she knows that have been through the harshest of trials, the most terrible of losses, and the deepest and greatest of violations.

She thinks of their smiles. Each and every one. The gentle and reassuring smile of Diana. The resilient and enduring smile of Dick. The passionate and indomitable smile of Koriand'r. The lively and loving smile of Kyle. Roy's confident smile that also searches for validation. Gar's goofy and hopeful grin, Vic's calming and grounding smile. The rare twitch of Raven's lips that she'd gotten to see. Cassie's exuberant and toothy show of her happiness. Wally's warm and protective smirk.

And then there were the smiles she'd never get to see again. Jason's wide-eyed and awed smile, Hank's rare sweet smile he'd get when he let his guard down. Dove's encompassing look, Lilith's fun and sparkling one, Pantha's arrogant laugh. The smile Terry would look at her with when he loved her. Robbie's vibrant looks of wonder and curiosity. His grateful and relieved smile when he'd see her, his shy smile when she'd drop him off with Kyle or introduce him to a stranger.

Donna's own body begins to shake and she isn't sure if she's laughing or crying at first. Her hands reach up to her cheeks, and there is an undeniable smile on her own face. She's laughing.

What a blessed life she had. What a blessed life she can have, if she just tries harder this time.