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02 December 2009 @ 11:59 am
NAME: Tootsie
AGE: 22
JOURNAL: femocracy
IM: maternalzombie
E-MAIL: lipsticktheatrics@gmail.com
RETURNING: Returning, technically? WAS ... Renee Montoya|| The Question; questioness; recently dropped due to failure of meeting activity standards in October.

CHARACTER NAME: Princess Iolande
FANDOM: DC Comics; Green Lantern Corps
CHRONOLOGY: Green Lantern Corps; Issue 40. During the beginning of Blackest Night, when Iolande and Natu are trying to save all of those injured Lanterns.
CLASS: Hero!
ALTER EGO: Princess Iolande, probably working in public relations B( if she can't be a diplomat idk. A public defender!


The Green Lantern of Space Sector 1417, and partner of Lantern Soranik Natu (the daughter of Sinestro), Princess Iolande hails from the planet Betrassus. Originally not meant to play any major role in the politics of her family, the royal bloodline was to be carried on throughout her brothers, and they were to continue being the leaders of Betrassus after the passing of the King. While Iolande never had plans to be thrust into any major role, she was always culturally and politically astute, aware of interplentary relations and honed in diplomatic skills. She had two brothers, Ragnar and Stentar. Ragnar held dreams away from the throne, and always looked toward the Green Lantern Corps, as he had wanted to join badly for a long time. The two princes eventually got caught up in an ambush by androids, and a Lantern response came too late; Stentar had died, Lantern Myrrt, of whom was Soranik Natu's former partner, was kiled in action, and it could not have come at a worse time. King Nol had been aging and falling ill, and both he and Princess Iolande tried to encourage their brother to look to a future at the throne. As events unfolded concerning the Corps, it was revealed that Prince Stentar was responsible not only for the death of his own brother, but for Lantern Myrrt, in a desperate attempt to get recruited in the Corps and replace him in sector 1417. When this was made known to King Nol, Prince Ragnar was sentenced to a public execution for his crimes.

During the execution, Lantern Soranik Natu approached Princess Iolande in front of Ragnar, and placed her partner's former ring on Iolande's finger, showing that she had been chosen as his replacement. Ragnar looked on, envious and heartbroken, and Princess Iolande tearfully and dutifully watched her brother's beheading. Soon afterward, Iolande started her training with Kilowog as her instructor, but proved to be an endless source of frustration and defiance for him. Her upbringing gave her a sense of entitlement, and she did not take well to orders. Eventually, the Corps made it clear to her that she would have to let go of this attitude. Eventually, she was taken back to her sector, and assigned a new partner in Lantern Soranik Natu of Korugar. Almost instantly, the two were at odds, as Princess Iolande pedantically tried to show off her knowledge of Korugar's sociopolitics, lecturing Natu on her own people and their relations. As Princess Iolande only saw her actions as helpful, she didn't understand Natu's annoyance with her, and it frustrated her and she'd often fuel the fire of their fights. The two women learned to work together a bit better, but soon after their first mission, Princess Iolande receives news that her father is dying.

After returning to her home planet, King Nol was giving out final requests to his daughter. As Iolande was now the last left of the royal bloodline, he had advised she resign from the Corps and rule the Kingdom in his place. Iolande tried to take the time to think about her options as Soranik Natu, the best doctor the Corps had to offer, tried her best to buy King Nol some time. Unfortunately, he died shortly after Natu's arrival, and Iolande lashed out at her in grief. She was torn between her duty to the throne, and her newfound purpose amongst the Green Lantern Corps, and after a long time of considering withdrawing from the corps completely, Iolande appeared to back up Soranik Natu and help defend against the Sinestro Corps' fight on Earth.

After fighting with the rest of the Lanterns in New York, Princess Iolande returned to Betrassus and boredly attended to playing her planet's major diplomat, ruler, and protector. She has been shown trying her best to juggle her time between being a Princess and being a Lantern, but the Corps take up a good load of her schedule, and it seems she prefers them to the boredom of the throne.

When Sodam Yat and Lantern Arisia went missing on the planet of Black Mercy, Princess Iolande was sent along with other Lanterns to track them down and rescue them, along with stray Sinestro Corps rings. After fighting Mogul and being defeated by him, Princess Iolande returned with Soranik Natu, where the two showed their growing friendship still was strained by disagreements. Sinestro came and revealed himself to Soranik as her Father, and Soranik later confided this in Princess Iolande. The fact that Soranik told Iolande about this fact shows a great deal of trust has been built between the two. On their way back to Oa, Soranik and Iolande meet up with Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, and end up trying to hold up an Oan infirmary, protecting the wounded from a Black Lantern invasion.


Having been raised with a life of privilege, Iolande is a highly educated woman with the flaw of being prone to boastful showiness and a need for ostentatious displays of knowledge. The first impressions of Iolande as a character are regal in nature; she's opinionated, but not outspoken. She is diplomatic, but stubborn enough to still think she's in the right, regardless. She's cultured and learned in the ways of socio-politics, and is incredibly well-read on various planetary relations and history. With an aristocratic air, Iolande manages to pull off demure elegance, grace, and perhaps a haughty demeanor all at once in the most passive of ways. Iolande may be opinionated, but she's certainly not abrasive or aggressive with her beliefs. Instead, she's firmly confident (if slightly arrogant) in her intelligence, and feels quite entitled to demanding respect, though Lantern training has indoctrinated her into the foreign concepts of being, you know, modesty. Iolande has developed to be less presumptuous, and even understand that her exalted rank is not one to use as a crutch when she feels defied or threatened.

Though educated, she has a hard time escaping from the more classist and entitled trappings of her upbringing, and is working hard to rectify these failings and humble herself as much as she can, while still remaining a dignified example of royalty. Princess Iolande's passion for politics, her people, and what she sees as a higher calling to her planet allows her to deal with tragedy in stride. Within a short period of time, she lost a brother, a Father, and oversaw the execution of another brother. She was able to put her feelings aside and think about what was better for society and for her vision of justice, and only thought of what would put the people of her planet at ease rather than react viscerally to losing someone she's loved. Iolande does love, and she loves quite strongly, though that love is entangled in duty and tradition and cultural entrappings that might make her appear cold, or to favor status and "the greater good" above individual bonds she might hold. She is often a restrained and composed individual, save for a few impulsive outbursts when she is in a dire or traumatic situation. Though graceful and often able to keep her calm, she can become temperamental when she feels indignant or that her intellectual capabilities are being doubted, especially when her entitlement is infringed upon.

Someone who has been able to invoke quite a bit of emotion in Princess Iolande has been her partner in the Corps, Soranik Natu. Though initially they clashed, Princess Iolande eventually came to grow incredibly close to Soranik, and has a great deal of respect for her. Their friendship is a close one of confidance, and she finds it refreshing to talk about more philosophical and ethical questions. Natu is, in every aspect, her intellectual match and challenges her beliefs often, which Iolande has surprisingly been receptive to when it is from someone she holds in high regard. Iolande is a lady of duty, and does not have many bonds in her life, so the friendship she has formed with Soranik has shown that while she's perfectly capable of being affectionate, supportive, and helpful to others, she is very choosy in her standards of friendship. This doesn't mean she won't be congenial or polite to others, though. She is a diplomat through and through, and tries to remain on good terms while pushing her case or status as much as she can.

Though her ethics are quite "askew" concerning DC's "No Kill" rules for the majority of its heroes, Iolande is a compassionate individual that will help her fellow Corpsman and risk her life for an honourable cause when the situation calls for it. Though she exudes confidence and even arrogance, Princess Iolande has an incredibly difficult time juggling her duty to her planet and her duty to the Corps. She carries a strong weight on her shoulders, trying to honor the royal bloodline she belongs to, serve her people, and indulge in her passion for the Green Lantern Corps, all the while keeping it together for both at the same time. She wants to be at her best performance at all times, but her worst fear is falling short and disgracing her Father's name by failing her people as a leader. Torn between two duties, Iolande often maintains a fixed and composed demeanor, not letting her insecurities show to others.

Iolande has a presence that either commands respect or gains expasperation and contempt. Either way, she's an intellectually capable woman who is incredibly politically aware, emotionally controlled, and noble when it comes to duty.

POWER: > Iolande possesses a near-eidetic memory, so at C&C, that will be expanded upon and we can say her superpower will be total recall, photographic or otherwise. While in canon, she has a will-powered green lantern ring that basically has limitless abilities focused on creating constructs and willing them to life/animation, Iolande will just possess the ability to will an arsenal into existence with her mind. She can, however, only will things that are not based on fire power -- so no missiles or guns. Only swords, a bow and arrow, etc. This ability is severely limited when she is exhausted or unable to focus. She will also have flight.

COMMUNITY POST (FIRST PERSON) SAMPLE: [Someone has set up the video feed to perfectly capture a full-body shot of herself. Her hands are folded in her lap and she is seated in a chair, posture straightened, chin tilted up slightly. She smooths out the fabric of her garb, before taking a deep breath, and placing a hand against her chest in an introductory manner.]

Lantern Iolande of Sector 1417 reporting in. Princess Iolande of Betrassus, status ... [Flips her hair over her shoulder] should be apparent. I've assessed what I could of this City, and its communication system. There are a plethora of frequencies and channels that are quite informative, and the majority of the urban area seem to be for the destitute and downtrodden. A sizeable homeless population. The neighborhoods suggest strict poverty and class divide, one can only deduce the circumstances are set up for frequent and absurd amounts of crime. There has yet to be any word from an official leader, outside of my induction into this place, in which I was given ... [Holds up a collar] this. It seems I am assigned to this place, along others, to serve and protect.

I'd like it to be known that I am willing to speak with any state representatives or city legislators to clear up any misunderstanding that could have caused me to be teleported here, specifically without the presence of my partner, Lantern Natu, or my prior knowledge. I promise that there will be no strict actions of punishment taken, and on behalf of my planet and the royal family, I thank you for choosing me for such a mission. However, I'm afraid I must decline! Now please, transfer me back to my sector immediately. This was obviously incompetence on the part of whomever is in charge of transporting people in and out of this City, which is understandable. Perhaps you have some ... [Distasteful curl of her upper lip] new trainees. Or something. [She waves her hand] All is forgiven, though.

LOGS POST (THIRD PERSON) SAMPLE: How she loathed the waiting game.

Her fingertips brushed against the upper corner of the page, hooking and tugging lightly to turn it and proceed over to the next one. A hazed and bemused look flooded her countenance as she scanned the text, wondering when she would get to the linguistic translation exercises in the book. There was a stillness of silence in the air, but it was hardly a private one. Instead, it only allowed for noise outside of this particular room to flood around her and flourish in its conquering of her concentration. A couple of servants bickering down the hall. The powerful wind outside of her window. The soft clatter of dishes being gathered by her maid on the luxurious balcony just outside of her room. The accumulated business, misery, and flourishing of her people.

Her people. Mentally reiterating it was like a hammer to her will, and yet an inflating of her pride. Princess Iolande would have never thought that she'd end up the sole ruler of Betrassus, and under a string of unfortunate events that happened in such a short amount of time. Of course, Iolande had heard of what factions and pockets of her people had been saying about her. That she was too flighty to rule, too divided between her duty as a Green Lantern and her duty as their Princess. That a female should never rule on her own. This was the burden of a good leader, of course. Your people were not obliged to love you, but you were absolutely obliged to love them, to put them first. Iolande had no qualms with this.

She took the weight off of her straighten posture and allowed herself to fall against her bed, forearm lazily resting across the workbook that lay beneath her bosom. There was a callousness about the way her thoughts tried to plummet inside of her mind, gripping at any distractions she had been using as a crutch and disintegrating them into nothing but nostalgia and regret.

There were fragments of her being that tightened and tensed when she thought of her brother, Ragnar. She missed Stentar terribly, and she would not fail to think of her Father every time she sat in his throne, every time she walked past his emptied room; when her thoughts wandered to Ragnar, though, something happened inside. There was a shock and a vibration in her heart, nearly every time she came to terms with what happened to her family in such a short amount of time, which was often as she was repeatedly taken back to square one every time she believed she coped. A palpable break inside the cavity of her chest, Iolande looked out the window at a dense, looming and rain-swollen sky. This unsuspected denouement and derailment in her life -- all of it was so overwhelming, and the Princess was holding it together, but she hadn't a clue as to how long it would last. She was so used to being businesslike about these things, weighing her options and only confiding in professionals, but knowing that her partner was nearing her own planet and would be paying the Princess a visit would soften Iolande's moods to a steep decline into a tender patience. Iolande, being royalty, was usually anything but patient.

She could not help but feel her lip curl in disdain -- for whom, she wasn't certain. A Higher Being. Her Brother. Her Fate. She didn't want to say it aloud. She didn't even want to think it.

She only wanted to be a Lantern.

What with tragedy hitting all three members of the only family she had, and the now dangerous divide between her two duties, Iolande had a hard time not feeling as these signs seemed to augur a desolate failure of a future. She hardly could blame her subjects for finding the entire turn of events to be an ill omen, or for their lack of faith in her. However, her competence was striking, and she knew she was far more intelligent than any male member of her family had been. It was only a matter of time, she assured herself, before they all accepted her and loved her as much as they had King Nol. The resentment was understandable; belied with class issues and coupled with watching a royal member of the family live in luxury while also going around and playing space cop was hardly a recipe for a quick upturn in approval ratings. That is why she had to sacrifice her love for Ragnar to show the people that even people like herself were not above the law. That is why she did not award herself any rest in her free time, and instead did what she could to appear present and visible to the public.

There was a well of loneliness, of course. Everyone needed somebody. The Princess, however, was young, and had slowly formed a camaraderie with various Lantern brethren; just like in the exciting novels she would read as a child, and she certainly was incensed with a sense of purpose. Which, in of itself, was more than what the commoners had. Of course, through serving them, she hoped to instill a similar sense of purpose in all of them. Outside, she can faintly hear music being played on the streets. In such weather, and people still found time to celebrate? It was baffling, but intriguing to Iolande. That dubious cliche about music being a universal language was, perhaps, true. Or maybe it was just the triumph of the spirit of desperation. As utterly confident as Iolande had been when it came to her ability to understand her subjects, she was still always struck with a guilt and a sense of underlying performance anxiety at the thought of bringing shame to her family. What if she failed her people and her bloodline, yet still was exempt from living a life of poverty as so many others had to experience as a result of personal failures or unfortunate events?

How does one achieve the balance of being accessible ...without being ordinary? Iolande refused to be ordinary, and she was certain this was a result of her confidence and not a prejudiced view of the helpless, the classless, and the poor. She had emerged from the tragedy in her life changed, enriched, and encouraged. Hadn't she? In such a time for her planet -- as despairing as the circumstances had been, no honour was greater than being given the opportunity to help give her people hope, once more.

"Your Highness."

A meek voice diverted Iolande's attention from her hazy mental ravings, and she shut her book as if she had actually been reading it for the past few minutes. Bringing herself slowly and gracefully to stand, she reacted with a wan smile at her servant, cutting her off before the woman could finish the message she had to deliver.

"You may let her in." Iolande stonewalled the servant with a laconic shrug when she was met with a nervous look, but softened as Soranik Natu entered the room. The lighting had suddenly changed, and Iolande did not need to look outside to know that a few clouds had parted to allow some sunlight in.